About Us



It's a long, beautiful story. But the most important parts
are here:

Teegarb is a global marketplace for unique and creative
products. Designs are crowdsourced from talented artists
all over the United States and produced, assembled and/or
shipped with love, by moms in our North Carolina factory.

At Teegarb we believe in employing hard working moms
(just like you) that have a passion for designing and
personalizing Gifts that your family will love and
cherish for years.

We are still a long way away, and we hope to continue
growing our small business for many years to come.
And of course! Always offering the best quality of
products and giving an excellent customer service,
We strive to lead with our guiding principles
and to help spread ideas of sustainability and responsibility
whose impact can reach far beyond our own business.

Always following a dream, that yes they are fulfilled.
We love knowing that our products will share love around
the world!


Thank you for visiting!
by Teegarb LLC